Today is my birthday. I’m 36, feelin a lot of joy. I wore a nice orange bow tie and some seersucker. Why not. Also: final performances in Oral Interp. It’s pretty tough to process still but these students gave the best performances I’ve ever seen come out of the class. Sade moved from One Flew to death penalty court transcripts to Mumia Abu Jamal. Ashley was reciting Strange Fruit one moment, the transcript of Trayvon Martin’s final phone call the next. Mahamadou was in a line-up whispering What Happens to a Dream Deferred then laying in a cell talking about Darwin. You wanna learn about  the power of speaking for others? Listen to these wonderful brilliant people. These students get it in a way that I never will, in a way most people in the academy simply can’t. Ashley points to the seersucker before she lilts southern trees bear a strange fruit, sucking on skittles. The next moment she’s at the Apollo working the crowd and then it’s just another bow tie. But we remember the moments before, pregnant with possibility. These are the special days.        

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