Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance. V&A Museum

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From Statical Essays: Haemastatics, v. 2, by Stephen Hales (1740). Original from the Bavarian State Library. Digitized September 18, 2009.



in other teen news, my ex works as a bike mechanic and just told me that the youth apprentinces at the shop have been listening to youtube compilations of vines for the past hour and a half as background noise

I’ve been thinking about this all day. Might be more interested in whatever we want to call this than any other cultural or digital practice at the moment. 

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Father Figure
Sculpture for lightbox, 2014
79cm x 106cm

Commission for Pro/Numb in collaboration with Sarah Boulton

Saint JD.

If I’m honest, this film did more for/to my sexuality, masculinity, aesthetic, and desire than any before or after. 

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Spent the greater part of the last seven days anticipating and thinking about this gif. 

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Probably two years since I last shaved it all. My go to is that I hate my face without a beard so I’m being a bit easier on myself this time. Summer break. I still want to bawl about it but maybe it’s the razor burn and not a predisposition. I hope it isn’t all grey when it comes back. Could be my father in town this last weekend but the day the red is gone a real part of me will have disappeared.  

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One of the Ways I Fail

Actively downplaying the work of getting a PhD and writing a dissertation and going to grad school all in front of a group of friends from undergrad because I was such an asshole when they last knew me. Thinking there’s nothing more insufferable than a PhD talking about how important they are and how valuable their shit is. But, like, I’m proud? How are we proud of ourselves? How can we be proud? Taking pride means _________. Are we beating ourselves up too often? Are we sacrificing something real, something powerful and soothing for ourselves because we are afraid of something else, also very real, powerful, yet not at all soothing? Why am I scared of who I am? Why am I afraid of what I do?

We are responsible for others.

We are responsible for selfs.     

Haha hooooo boy this old print I just found. All decked out in black NOTHING feels. Miss that goddamn car.